MTX DTC Remover

MTX DTC Remover 1.8

Manages the MIL light settings of dashboards
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1.8.8 (See all)
Control the functionality of a compatible dashboard by turning the MIL light on and off via the specialized utility. It disables the elative OBD P-Code from internal ECU logic. The program is compatible with multiple device models from Bosch, Marelli, Continental, and Siemens.

MTX DTC Remover allows you to turn off the MIL light on your dash; this is done by disabling the relative OBD P-Code from internal ECU logic. This application is compatible with a variety of ECU models including that of Bosch, Marelli, Continental, and Siemens.

DTC Remover is quite easy to use. Simple select the ECU model from the list, 2. load the file that was read by OBD, insert the OBD P-Code or manufacturer specific fault code that your diagnostic tool is showing, and press DTC OFF. MTX USB dongle must stay connected to the computer during application use.

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